Sika provides one of the most comprehensive sets of solutions dedicated to tile setting, facade protection and decoration, as well as interior wall finishing, for both residential and commercial buildings. The offering comprises tile adhesives and tile grouts, as well as systems for under-tile waterproofing and sound reduction. Furthermore, it includes products for exterior and interior walls, such as wall-levelling products, decorative finish renders, and facade External Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS).

The global urbanization trend, and the increasing need for home improvement, further fuel the market. Through a solid presence in rapidly evolving distribution channels, servicing fragmented contractors, and its comprehensive portfolio of complementary technologies for the building envelope from basement to roof, Sika addresses the increasing demand for quality, comfort, aesthetics, and environmentally friendly solutions.

Hand applying mortar Sika tile adhesive for tile setting

Tile Setting Systems

From decorative tiled surfaces to highly functional tiled wall and floor finishes, tiling is one of the most popular surface finishing techniques used to enhance the appearance and functionality of all types of buildings and facilities. It is always crucial to select the right tile and the right tile installation system for each different area of the specific project. This should include the correct surface preparation, waterproofing (if required), tile adhesive, tile grout and sealant.

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Facade Mortars & Protection

Exterior walls and building facades face a huge amount of stressors and carry a big responsibility. They must keep out the rain, cold or heat, while insulating the building interior and keeping the occupants comfortable. Because of all these factors, facades are a primary focus area to design or renovate well in order to ensure building energy efficiency and long-term aesthetic beautty.

Interior wall finishing

Solutions for Interior Walls

Interior walls face a lot of hardships which cause holes, cracks, uneven surfaces and imperfections. Whether for a minor repair, renovation project or completely new construction, Sika offers the perfect solutions for leveling, repair and finishing of your interior walls with gypsum-based, cement-based and dispersion-based products. Our ready-to-use wall products are easy to work with and create a perfectly leveled and smooth finish on your walls.

Our Products

  • ImperMur         
  • Sikagard Universal Wood Treatment
  • Sikagard-150 Anti Termites Film
  • SikaTermiGrid
  • Sikalastic-850W
  • Sikagard Conservado SP
  • SikaMur-150
  • Sikagard Protection Facade
  • SikaCeram-100
  • SikaCeram-105
  • SikaCeram-205
  • SikaCeram CleanGrout

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