Waterproofing protects structures against water infiltration which can cause expensive and irreversible damage. It is mostly invisible after construction is completed. Every day the basement of a building, or the outermost layer of a tunnel, is exposed to intense fluctuations in moisture levels and temperatures, all contributing to its deterioration. Count on Sika to provide long-lasting waterproof systems to protect your project.

Sika Waterproofing Solutions Have Many Advantages

Sika's solutions are suitable for even the most challenging requirements to keep water in or out of long-lasting structures, such as tunnels, bridges, basements, or balconies.

For drinking water facilities, our waterproofing systems fulfill the most stringent drinking water approvals.

Sika has developed solutions for special site conditions, including microbiological and chemical attack resistant products, high mechanical resistance products, free of physically linked plasticizers and ecologically sustainable products.

We consider the entire waterproofing process to the very last detail and can provide solutions for both new build and renovation projects.

Sika’s long-term experience and know-how to provide both products and system solutions is a key added value for your next project.

We Provide Solutions for Different Project Types

Sika, the world’s leading waterproofing company has been producing innovative and high quality waterproofing products since 1910. Sika’s waterproofing technologies include: the integrated “White Box” concept which is a water-tight concrete combining joint waterproofing.

Sika also provide high-quality flexible PVC and FPO membranes with unique compartment system; polyurea, polyurethane and epoxy coatings; complete injection systems; mortars, renderings and more. Many of the products fulfil the most stringent drinking water approvals.

For your “peace of mind” and a secure watertight structure you should build on Sika’s 100 years waterproofing experience. Based on the unique waterproofing product portfolio Sika provides you with the optimized waterproofing solution for your project. In combination with our design expertise and on site application know-how a Sika system guarantee becomes a real added value for you.

Solutions for Basements and Concrete Structures

Different waterproofing degrees and varying ambient conditions require adapted waterproofing concepts. With Sika’s long-term experience, its proven systems and unique product range the best suited system may be specified.

Solutions for Tunnels

Tunnels are built with a service life of over 100 years, requiring highest level safety and durability of waterproofing systems. Sika offers proven PVC and TPO membrane system including all detailing and injection system and developed to ease of application.

Solutions for Pond, Pool and Tank Lining

Ponds and canals have an enormous economical and technical importance in agriculture, public water supply, supply of electric energy, industry and environment. Their functioning depends strongly on durable and reliable waterproofing. Sika has the suitable waterproofing membrane concepts.

Solutions for Waste Water Treatment Plants

High safety and durability requirements ask for special protective systems including Sika’s cementitious renderings, coatings, joints waterproofing and membrane systems.

Solutions for Drinking and Clean Water Storage

Accessibility to fresh and potable water is most essential for everyone. Storing of fresh water in clean and hygiene conditions demands approved high quality Sika waterproofing systems, such as TPO membranes, coatings, watertight concrete, or cementitious rendering

Solutions for Wet Rooms

Floors of wet rooms, such as bath rooms, shower bath cabinets, toilet rooms, kitchen rooms, etc. need waterproofing to prevent seepage of water to lower rooms. Available systems of either loose laid membranes, self-adhering membranes, mortar systems, or cold liquid applied coatings under tiles are possible.

Solutions for Balconies

Waterproofing on balconies prevents bearing structures from corrosive and destructive influence of water and ice. Available systems of either loose laid membranes, self-adhering membranes, or cold liquid applied coatings under top layers secures water-tightness on balconies.

Our Products

  • SikaSwell A 2005/2010 
  • SikaSwell S-2
  • SikaMiniPack Waterproofing
  • Sikatop 107 Protection
  • Toile 75
  • Sikalastic 152
  • Sikatop 130 Flex MU
  • Sikatop 209 Reservoir
  • Sikatop 141 Impermeabilisation
  • Protection Fondation
  • Protection Fondation Profiles
  • Igolflex
  • Sika Bitume Fondation
  • Igol Fondation
  • Sika Blackseal Lastic
  • SikaWaterbar PVC
  • Sikadur 52 Injection
  • Sika Igolflex
  • Nirol S

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